In order to achieve the climate goals set by the European Union (EU), it is necessary to fully commit to the raw materials transition in addition to the energy transition. The EU has set a target that 55% of plastic packaging materials is recyclable in 2025, which should be a  100% in 20230. In addition to that, 50% of all plastics must be recycled by 2032.

Producers are expected to produce more and more buckets made of recycled raw materials, but the supply of these materials is not sufficient to meet this future obligation. This is because currently a lot of used buckets end up in the waste stream.  After that they end up in the incinerators of - for example - the government. FIRE-OFF is your partner in crime who helps you out by collecting used buckets and having them processed into a new raw material.



FIRE-OFF daily visits her sustainable partners who, together with us, ensure that used buckets and bins do not end up in the incinerators and therefore receive a 100% guarantee of a second life.

We do this with a young team in collaboration with Dijkstra Plastics. As a result, together we ensure that both the producer and the end user are more aware of the products and their waste stream.

We are happy to help you out, so don't hesitate, sign up for our bucket list and give your used buckets a second life.



FIRE-OFF is the missing link between the end users of plastic buckets and the producer. Dijkstra Plastics is the first producer to take its social responsibility by sponsoring a start-up that collects used buckets for the benefit of all end users (B2B). After that we convert these buckets into an environmentally friendly product. This way we a create a 100% closed loop.

In short: We consider your "waste" as a raw material. That's why we collect and recycle with a 100% guarantee that your used buckets are processed into a recycled raw material, which serves as the basis for new packaging buckets.



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